Standard Room


$40 per hour

Private Room


$50 per hour

Executive Lounge


$60 per hour

* Price is per hour for one simulator room (not per person)

Regular time of play for one player  is 1 hour for 18 holes.  Please book your time correctly.                          (18 holes 4 some = 4 hours)

Seniors (60+)

  • Seniors will receive $10.00 off all rooms.
  • Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Cannot be combined with any daily specials. (EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS)

$200 Membership Includes:

6 hours in the standard room

5 hours in the private room

4 hours in the executive lounge

All Members Receive

  • 15% off simulator time
  • 15% off retail product
  • Exclusive emails containing special offers
  • Tournament information
  • After every 10th hour you receive one hour free!
  • Once a Member…Always a Member!

Giftcards available for purchase

Please contact us for more details.

Club Rentals

$12.95 per set. Please book ahead to confirm availability

Marty Williamson, Certified CPGA Professional

Back Nine HD Golf is proud to partner with Marty Williamson of MPAR Golf Services.